The Healing House ~ an Alternative Wellness Venue for our Community

Our focus is to achieve health and wellness through recognizing the inter-relationship of the Body/Mind/Spirit. At the Healing House our practitioners have a unique set of talents and strengths that will enable you to heal old wounds, work with present aches and believe in a more profound future. We know that you are already perfect but knowing this about yourself can get clouded by everyday life challenges. Therefore, our goal is to awaken the Healer in you and bring you back to embracing your full potential. Our desire is to create a space that inspires transformation and pushes you to new horizons in your everyday life. Open the door to your Amazing Self!


Your beliefs determine your perception of yourself and others. How do you see yourself?


The Body holds all the answers. When in doubt, ask what it wants. Listen! Develop a practice that will open a dialogue between you and your body.


Spirit is the energy that keeps us alive. It exists in and around you and has it own unique language. When you accept the message of Spirit, transformation is inevitable.

The Healing House is a long time dream coming to be.  When the house was purchased in 2016, she was 100 years old. A lot of clearing of the house and land were needed before she was ready to take on this awesome mission with me.  With great delight and so much hard work, she is here for you to heal those old wounds and create a better life for yourself.  Come join us and share your miraculous journey. ~ Lee Anne Englert

Meet Our Team

Holistic Practitioners
Lee Anne Englert, LPC   Founder and Owner

Lee Anne Englert, LPC Founder and Owner

Holistic Licensed Therapist and Shaman for Individuals and Couples

Believer of the inter-relationship of all things, bridging the energies to bring healing and balance. Tarot Card Reader, Energy Mover, Lover of Wisdom, Seeker of Truth.

Christine DiPilla, LMT, RMT

Trauma-informed Bodyworker and Reiki Master Healer

Empathic body whisperer. Soul soother. Shifter of energy. Infuser of healing herbs. Harmonizer of nature's rhythms. Helping to create your own wild grown home within.

Barbara Hill Darnell, LMT

Barbara Hill Darnell, LMT

Adjunct Astrological Reader

Melter of Muscles, seer of stars, bender of bodies, serving the soul. Working together to align the body/mind/spirit in order to create awareness and promote healing.

Mary Therese Durkin

Mary Therese Durkin

Shiatsu Shin Tai Practictioner, Cranio Sacral Therapist, Manual Lymph Drainage

Integrated Holistic Therapies ~ Infinite believer in miracles, the ones you allow yourself, working from the inside out to RELAX, RESTORE and REJUVENATE

Tobie Szelagowski

Tobie Szelagowski

Yoga Instructor

Prone to Meditation and Chanting, Self~proclaimed Goddess of Love. Caution increased exposure may cause unconditional love, enhanced states of bliss, deep peace and awareness of the beautiful being within.

Circle of Trust

The group who embraced the story and supported the soul of the Healing House.
Susan Olson

Susan Olson

Director of Events

Healing House Scribe Morning Meditator, Tarot Seeker, Spiritually-minded. A calling to be a conduit for change. Creator of extraordinary experiences.

Angela Fitterer

Angela Fitterer

Executive Advocate

Channeled the voices of the Healing House. Intuitively receives messages from the other side. Believes in the Goodness of all people.

Nancy Trearty Baum

Nancy Trearty Baum

Residential Coordinator

Holds the vision of the Healing House and the connection to all Holistic Center. Keeper of the Divine feminine knowledge. Supports the children at Love Orphanage.

Services Available

Mental Health Counseling (for Couples and Individuals) ~ Integrative Body Work ~ Shamanism ~ Intuitive Readings ~ Shiatsu ~ Craniosacral Therapy ~ Reiki ~ Massage Therapy ~ Astrological Readings ~ Tarot Readings ~ Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Classes and Events to feed the Body, Mind and Soul

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1943 South Easton Rd Doylestown, Pa 18901

Enter off of 611 going North - exit onto Main Street heading into Doylestown Main. 

Past Potter's Mill on your right and directly after you will see the Beautiful Stone Healing House.  


Currently under Construction

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